The Art Of Film

The 13. Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) opens on 28th of September 2017, when President of the Swiss Confederation Doris Leuthard officially opens the festival. The audience can expect stars such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Alicia Vikander or Glenn Close and 160 movies from around the world.

In light of this year’s Zurich Film Festival, I am presenting some of my all-time favourite movies below. Feel free to click on the posters to find out more.  To view the 2017 festival programme, follow the link here.

Also, soon, I will soon present some of my favourite Andy Warhol movies.

download (4)kings-speech-movie-poster carol2015download (3)download (6)download (4)  download (5) bravnmmnov07  gosford-park-2002-movie-poster1 The-Grand-Budapest-Hotel-Poster Saving_Private_Ryan_poster 936full-the-pianist-poster still_alice_xlg  gone-girl-poster requiem-for-a-dream.11923 12-years-a-slave-movie-poster582200_294229307322181_791927541_n download (1)


Take care & write to you soon.