Campaigns / Ads

Campaigns can be legendary! 9136.pngThey can change the way people live their daily lives—for better or for worse, and mirror or even shape society. The most successful campaigns of all time have had the most diverse themes one can imagine, ranging from a delightful sense of humor and cunning parody to pathos so well implemented that everyone is reduced to tears.

What fascinates me particularly is the combination of a brand/product with creative ideas and a story  3873a39776191b67a7ace438089819b2 (1)   73a34ec41301546b07d03853b10f17b2   ac778ed252fa820d01352205bd6d7501.png direction and technology/social media to win new customers and inspire, retain existing ones. This combination certainly has an impact on the viewer, catches his attention instantly and ideally makes him wanting to find out more/ purchase the advertised product. At the same time, it can make a great impact on a product’s success and profitability. Below are some campaigns I particularly like.