Digital artist Duhrivative transformed my portrait into a moving portrait inspired by Andy Warhol’s Prince, 1984. I present both works and the story behind Warhol’s iconic work.


Prince is a 1984 painting by Andy Warhol. As he did with many other celebrity portraits, Warhol used a publicity photograph of the singer as Prince’s source material. He produced the painting using silkscreen ink and acrylic polymer paint on canvas, an artistic technique commonly used by Warhol- especially from the 1960s onwards.

Andy Warhol, Prince 1984
Prince, By Andy Warhol 1984 measures  50.8 cm × 40.64 cm

Prince is currently located in London, owned by a private British collector.


How do you find it? Tell me on Instagram or Twitter. More on Andy Warhol here.

Thanks for reading!



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