Grant Haffner – A Romantic Road

“There’s something about being on the road that’s romantic. I think a lot of people can relate to taking road trips and watching the scenery go by. I lived in a busy house, so the time driving home from work was the only time I had to myself that was quiet and peaceful. The way that the sunset changes the colors on the plants and trees along the side of the road at that time of day was so beautiful I wanted to paint it.”

Grant Haffner

About Grant Haffner

Born in 1978, Haffner has been a resident of Long Island’s East End for most of his life. His images are inspired by and reflect the country roads, flat landscapes and surrounding water that he takes in as he travels the area in his pickup truck. Signature motifs of utility poles, power lines, and a bold, sometimes solarized, color palette, create an original sense of movement and depth to his distinctive compositions. Even with the illusion of linearity in these works, each image is cleverly balanced to depict the speed and rhythm of the rural roadways. The slightly exaggerated poles and power-lines are primary to these compositions as they are utilized to exaggerate the depth of field and perspective and the artist’s absorption in the fleeting landscape of the East End of Long Island. Haffner is committed to exploring these horizons, which appear to extend as far as the eye can see, with no end or beginning.

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