Photobastei & Foundry proudly present the first ever exhibition of internationally renowned artist Katerina Belkina, recent winner of the prestigious Hasselblad Masters Award 2016 in the category of Art. The exhibition runs from 15 September –  30 October 2016 at the premises of Photobastei Zurich. 


Katerina paints with her camera: The medium of photography and her outstanding mastery of digital techniques have earned her various prestigious awards like the International Lucas-Cranach-Award of the Cranach Foundation (1st place, 2015), the MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards (1st place in two categories) and recently the Hasselblad Masters Award (1st place in the category Art, 2016).

The exhibition at Photobastei will present three series of her works: “Revival”, “Light and Heavy”, and “Empty Spaces”. In the “Revival” series the search for human identity is undergoing an apotheosis: motherhood, spiritual growth, a reverse Renaissance, and a liberation from the consumer society are key elements. The “Light and Heavy” series features an intense dialogue with the urbanised world: Katerina’s hometown, Samara, provides an urban setting in which women form the only human presence. In the series “Empty Spaces”, pin-point sharp photographs taken in Moscow provide a setting of powerful energy. Their emptiness and helplessness depict a simultaneous love and hate for cities.

Ever since her early beginnings, Katerina Belkina has been inspired by artists from the 19th and 20th century (series “Paint”, 2006). Despite consistent alignment to an epoch, Katerina shows a refined individuality: consistency, style and power of expression bear her distinctive hallmark. The artist confronts viewers with enigmas. In the forefront of her work stands the portrayal of the individual in various situations and roles of today’s world of standardisation, clichés and consumerism. 


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